Photography, Dolly & Armatures

March 3, 2010

I’ve been a bit ill so I’ve been slacking. I found myself procrastinating by nitpicking in Illustrator for hours, so I need to nip that behaviour in the bud right now.

This last couple of weeks I’ve done the following:

Photography in Roupell St with Canon 20D. It was okay but it was pissing down with rain and I was a bit haphazard with the photos. I need to be able to line them up well in Photoshop later and the way I took them didn’t bear that in mind.

Amazing cake shop, Konditor & Cook, Roupell Street:

I did a re-shoot with my Lumix, it was dry but the results weren’t too good. I will be doing a third shoot tomorrow with the Canon D20.

I designed a dolly and track ready to be built (this was the nit-picking file). This drawing was based on this design I found online.

Dolly Design – End View:

Dolly Design – Underside:

I sourced some nuts & bolts from the very fantastic Stagonset, who do any quantity you want, so you don’t have to buy 100 when you only want a few. Ordered nuts & bolts to make the dolly and to make armatures (can’t afford the really expensive proper armatures yet).

Finished my test armature (Suzanna’s new armature). I tried baking magnets into the feet for the tie-down, but they look like Frankenstein’s monster’s feet, so remade them and just stuck the magnets on with sticky fixers.

Interesting how Super Sculpey gets successively darker with each baking, you can see the different colours depending on how many times the part has been baked.

Next job is to make proper (as proper as I can, at least) armatures with moveable joints. Also I’m going to try Milliput for my final armatures as Super Sculpey is a bit delicate.

I’m feeling very inspired by these amazing felted models by Kay Petal. What fantastic work!


One Response to “Photography, Dolly & Armatures”

  1. dtw42 Says:

    She's looking like a fembot terminator at the moment!

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