Lights. Camera. Not Much Action.

February 17, 2010

Yesterday was a frustrating day. Two Canon 20D cameras came. Both have got dirt on the sensors, so I have had to order a sensor cleaning kit (which turned up today, really quickly).

The lights came on Monday. I had some assembly problems with them and had to sand bits down.

I tried one of the three lights out (on boom stand) and the cameras, by making a one second animation. I used iStopmotion animation software with the Canon 20Ds and thankfully it works really well.

Ordered 8 skateboard wheels to make a dolly.

I’ve realised that a nine inch model will be too big for the space I have to build the set in so I expect I will need to use 6 inch models, this might change if I decide to make the set somewhere else, but it’s unlikely I will.

Feeling a bit like I’ve gone off the boil about this film. Hopefully it’s just a passing phase. Need to put my schedule on the wall and a day list.


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