Test Sets

February 11, 2010

Earlier this week made the decision to buy a studio light set and ordered one off eBay. I’m also going to get a Canon 20D. Ahh it’s only money (eeek!).

I got a load of pictures up on the Wall o’ Inspiration (Sorry, it’s blurred because they are not my photos). The boys are a bit concerned that I have pictures of little girls on my wall, in case I die and they come under suspicion of being dodgy.

I built some test sets, as follows (Nancy is helping me out here, she’s about 11cm tall):

Small window cut-outs (Test 1)

Small window cut-outs (Test 2)

Large window cut-outs test, I thought this looked really cool and realistic, especially with the curtains

I did some tests on a door to put in a top window and ‘glossy’ paint work, using a print on glossy photo paper, just for the door itself.

Unfortunately the glossy doesn’t show well in this picture!

I also did a test for a correct scale door (assuming a 9 inch child model)

Finally I did a test row of houses:

This is 8 A4 sheets taped together

Nancy & Peter model the houses for me

Context shot

Thoughts about tests:
The set tests were made by gluing matt photos on to medium card. The row of houses went quite wobbly overnight so I need to make a proper wooden frame for the final set and use greyboard or maybe MDF or plywood to stick the paper houses onto.

The ink ran with the glue so I am planning to get the sets (houses, pavements & road) printed on sticky back paper.

Next actions:
I need to work on the narrative & storyboards and do some tests to work out how wide & high the sets need to be for what shows in the viewfinder.


One Response to “Test Sets”

  1. isabelle Says:

    looking very promising!!! isa

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