Wall O’ Inspiration

February 10, 2010

I put in 2 bids on eBay for Canon 20D bodies but I let myself be outbid, I’m not in a rush to start photography yet.

I have been printing off images for my inspiration wall. I do not want any pink on my two little girls because Pinkstinks! I’m looking at quite old style toys, a wooden skipping rope and I have ordered a pattern for a cute doll. I’ll be a challenge to make a doll for a 9 inch model, I guess that doll would have to be about 1 inch tall. I could go to 18 inches for my models if it helps.

I spent Monday finding inspiration pictures for my Wall o’ Inspiration, characters, terraced houses, kids fighting etc.

I have also printed out some large pictures cut into A4 to make mock ups of a terraced row, I need to ask the people who I got them from on Flickr if I can use them as I’ll be posting pics of my efforts later. I will be doing my own photography at some point, if the weather EVER gets better!

I had a thought about music. I need to find out about using it, licensing etc. I was thinking about just one song drifting in the background as if from the radio.

My friend James brought round his massive ‘lamp of dreams’ for me yesterday as another lighting option, but he tells me it makes the electricity meter whizz round like a catherine wheel, so I may have to reconsider using it.


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